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Hello guys, great to be back again. This time, i'm back with a problem.

I usually leave my computer on for days, months actually (unless windows ANNOYINGLY restarts my computer for me while im asleep  because it installed "updates") [e digicons]-_-[/e]

Usually my computer plays video files just fine (i normally play .wmv files) then after sometime, like perhaps a few days, the audio plays but it only shows a screenshot of the video instead of actually playing it. i try playing with windows media player, real player it doesn't matter what player, it won't work. And also Windows Movie maker won't work either. It gives me an error message saying that i don't meet the minimum specs. HA! 4gb RAM and quad processor and it says that I don't even have the minimum? I'm thinking that perhaps it's firefox thats causing the problem because it uses a lot of memory or that once my computer reaches around 60% memory use, then videos stop playing or something?


But i tried searching on Google people say that its a missing codec but how am i missing it if it was working just fine before? people also said that it might have crashed and to restart windows player, well the problem is with real player too so that didn't work. What did work (no thanks to Google) is when i delete the svchost.exe from the task manager. I delete the one that uses the highest memory and CPU. But when i do that, i lose windows Aero but videos play just fine and windows movie maker works too. Once i restore windows aero again though, svchost.exe comes back and videos don't work anymore.


Is there anything i can do to make videos play without having to remove the svchost.exe? Anyway to fix this problem?


Thank you

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Jan 8, 2011 2:58 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

Been a VERY long time since I've been here. College really just took my life away. No one here probably remembers me anymore. [e digicons]O:)[/e]


But anyways, i stopped by to say hi to all the people who are here making all these wonderful skins and am really glad that Wincustomize is still going strong.I would be skinning again (bootskins) but I won't have windows xp anymore to test them out. [e digicons]:S[/e]


So i just wanted to know what exactly has been going on here since like 2008  [e digicons]:grin:[/e] Any new softwares has come out since then? I still get stardock emails, but i never get those "wincustomize newsletters" anymore. Most importantly, what has changed with you personaly? anything new? im curious. I'll start. lol


I've been much "cooler" these days, college is really taking time away from my social life, still suck at photoshop and im engaged.



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Ya ya, i do come in and take a look at what's been going on at Wincustomize. I will never leave this site! But i noticed that now that Windows 7 is out, Shouldn't there be a new section for it? [e digicons]O:)[/e] just sayin....

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Feb 23, 2009 2:49 AM by Discussion: Community

Hey guys, been a very long long long while since i did anything worthwhile here at Wincustomize. Lots have things have changed since i was last here: New updated forums, hot new skins, and of course new members.


Been busy preparing for college and all that and don't have time to spend as much time as i used to here. So i'm just curious as to what your nicknames are. What do people call you? what's ur nickname in other forums?

I'll start:

Here my nickname is Bash2cool, on cell phone forums and other site it's Bashok. In school i used to be called Bash-E and recently DaBash [e digicons]:grin:[/e]


*BTW i love the new smilys lol* [e digicons]:P[/e] [e digicons]O:)[/e] [e digicons]:D[/e] [e digicons]:grin:[/e]

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Winmodify lacks the people it needs to grow.

Feb 23, 2008 2:38 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
I think i posted something regarding people joining Winmodify in the past but i guess i need to make it more clearer for you guys.

Winmodify is a site with the potential to grow and become a great big community like Wincustomize. It has skins, it even has a section called XP tweaks where you can tweak windows XP in many ways but thats basicly it. Not a lot of people are there and because of that, barely anybody comments on skins, and comment on news-posts. There's a shout-out at the bottom right corner of the site where there's only 1-5 shout-outs being made a month. There's only 74 registered users on the forum!! Now that has to change.

Without the people, the site will go nowhere and will eventually go down. Why should the admin, AdminWM, waste his time and money making the site look better if no one's even going to help support it. People is what makes any site grow and prosper. Just look at deviantART, they have more than 50 million people online everyday!! Without all those people, that site would be gone. Wincustomize also wouldn't have gone this far without the help of the people.

So please join the community, tell people about Winmodify, help make the site grow just like this one.

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For the people that didn't know:

Oct 27, 2007 2:05 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
Hello everyone. Its been a while now since i posted anything on the forums so i decided to go back and help people get to know wincustommize a little better.

I read the article [U]Looking for Great Forum & IM Avatars[/U] by [B]Zoomba[/B] and there was a person who didn't know where where the avatar gallery was. I didn't know myself nor did i ever even know that there was an avatar gallery. That made me realize that that there might be even more people out there who didn't know as well.

Here's the article: [link=""]WWW Link[/link]

So here it goes.

In case you didn't know, there are a lot of galleries at wincustomize than you know. I'm going to tell you how to find them all.

First of all you must log in.

Now at the Wincustomize homepage, there is a gallery section. Next to the word Gallery, there is an Edit button, click on it. There, you will see all of the galleries here at You can check and uncheck all of the galleries, decide whether or not you want to show all of the library icons, and you can hide or show all of the gallery items.

Hope i made myself clear and useful.
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Aug 26, 2007 11:45 AM by Discussion: OS Customization
Hello everyone, I'm a noob at making icon (and uploading them) so i need some help.

I made by icon. It was an apple logo. i made two types of it. One in the .ico format and the other in the .png format. I also put a jpeg image of it. All three of those were in a .zip file. i uploaded it into the misc. icons section and waited about a day for it to show up on Wincustomize. it didn't show up. instead i got an email message from Fussy Logic saying that the icon wasn't uploaded because of the following reasons:

1. The Misc. Icons. Library is for Windows icons only.

2. Png icons should be uploaded to the Object Dock library.

3. You also need to submit a larger preview image.

For number one. does he mean only .ico files are allowed to be uploaded to the misc. icons section? or is it because my icon is a apple logo.

for three. i don't know how to make the preview size bigger without distorting the image.

Could anyone please help me?
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The IBM 390 Thinkpad Laptop

Aug 22, 2007 12:44 AM by Discussion: Personal Computing
Well as the title says, i have a hard drive problem. And as the subtitle says, The hard drive in on an old, VERY OLD, IBM Thinkpad 390 laptop.

Well lets explain the hardware specs:

1. Pentium 2
2. cd/dvd drive
3. floppy disk
4. 64mb RAM.
5. 4.55GB hard drive.

Ok before you guys start laughing(  )I have to tell u guys that it has surved me for years now i want it to surve me more. (Yes i have better computers like the HP pavilion 750n which i'm using to type this thread and a 2005 vaio desktop computer.)I have personal reasons for still keeping this laptop so.....

anyway... It could run DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, and also XP(but obviously slow)

Ok by now u guys are saying to yourselves "SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM!!" so i'll tell you the problem.

Ok i had a copy of windows xp home edition and decided to stupidly install it on the laptop. Yes it worked but slow of course. I was planning to buy extra memory later on so im not that stupid. But the problem is the copy of windows that i brought was pirated!! i didn't no that at the time until 30 days later it told me to activate windows??!!! i mean the cd looked like the orginal and everything but i somehow have been tricked. so i formated my hard drive and made a partition so i can install win 2000.

Problem was it said that it couldn't read video.bat. Sometimes it would also not read pcamid.bat.

sometimes it would work with no problems but when i format it to nfts or Fat32 format it stops formating on 75%. i did the same for all the windows i have except win 3.1 and 95.

then i kept doin the same things over and over again until i suddently the cd says that there isn't any hard drives installed. in windows me and 98, it told me to go to FDISK and create a partition. but when i do it, it says no fixed drives present. i can format either.

so now im stuck with this whenever i boot my laptop: "Operataing system not found."

I even tried to install Knoppix 3.7!!! (seriously i tried!!) but it didn't work.

Any ideas on how to slove the problem?

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Jul 23, 2007 11:30 AM by Discussion: Stardock Support General
Hey guys its been a while since i last posted anything here but i am happy to say that i got a new debit card(not very exciting for you guys but...).

That means that i can finally help the skinning community by becoming a Wincustomize subscriber!!!

but i have a question before i actually become a subscriber..

When i'm entering my information, it tells me to enter my address. This might be a dumb question but why do i need to enter it for? I don't know if their gonna ship me anything cause they didn't charge shipping. i also have another question. How does the process of becoming a subscriber wirk after i've already ordered it?
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Doesn't look like it...

Jun 9, 2007 11:21 PM by Discussion: OS Customization
Does Microsoft actually like it when people customize and make their own skins for people to buy or download? If they did, wouldn't they mention it on their site or something. There are many people who do not like the original windows XP taskbar, icons, log-on, etc... and they don't know how to change them or customize them. I was lucky to find out how thanks to the wincustomize ad i saw. Many of my friends have told me how to change the way windows XP looked and when i told them to go to this site, they were all amazed on how much they can do to change the way they wanted their XP to look. So if Microsoft actually did like the fact that we can customize windows. Wouldn't they have mentioned anything about it? Or at least make their own skinning site. TIP: I think it would be better if Wincustomize made tv ads. I mean a lot of people watch tv and that could bring more people into the skinning community. MY 2 CENTS   
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